Technology: True On-Line Double Conversion
Power range: 1-3 kVA
Software: UPSentry Smart 2000
Servers, work stations, graphical stations, control and automation systems, medical equipment.


Technology: True On-Line , Double Conversion, VFI-SS-111 (according to PN-EN 62040-3)
Power range: 1-3 kVA
Phases in/out: 1/1
Oprogramowanie: UPSentry Smart 2000
– servers,
– work stations,
– graphical stations,
– control and automation systems,
– medical equipment.
Model Power rating Backup rating
Cover Partner RM10 1,0 kVA 8 min22 min40 min70 min
Cover Partner RM22 2,2 kVA 8 min20 min35 min50 min
Cover Partner RM30 3,0 kVA 8 min20 min35 min50 min

\CoverrobertPartner RM.cdr

Technology: True On-Line, Double Conversion, VFI-SS-111 (according to z PN-EN 62040-3)
Power range: 5-11 kVA
Phases in/out: 1/1
Software: UPSentry Smart 2000
Dimensions: 445x563x130 mm (3U)
– servers,
– work stations,
– graphical stations,
– control and automation systems,
– medical equipment
Model Power rating Backup time
Cover Partner RT50 5.0 kVA
12 min
30 min
50 min
Cover Partner RT70 7.0 kVA
8 min
20 min
32 min
Cover Partner RT90 9.0 kVA
8 min
17 min
26 min
Cover Partner RT110 11.0 kVA
5 min
14 min
22 min


SNMP Insight Power card

SNMP InsightPower card is an interface between the UPS and the computer network. The card makes it possible to obtain information about the operating status of the device and execute control commands remotely. Users can easily control the operation of the device using their Internet browser or tools based on SNMP, a popular network management protocol. The system is complemented by the InsightPowerClient software compatible with the SNMP card.
In the event of prolonged power outage, the software automatically shuts down computers working under Windows operating systems. A simpler software version called SNMP ShutdownAgent is capable of working with a wide array of popular system platforms.


Properties and functionalities:

  • In-built SNMP agent and HTTP server for UPS monitoring
  • Configuration through a terminal or via telnet
  • Management of different user rights levels
  • Firmware updating option
  • UPS monitoring and control
  • Recording events and parameters in the card’s memory
  • UPS starting, restarting and testing programme
  • ’’Wake On LAN’’ feature for automatic PC start
  • Sending e-mail messages and SNMP traps in the event of alarms
  • Cooperation with the InsightPower Client software – the Windows platform
  • Cooperation with the Shutdown Agent software for shutting down operating systems automatically (support for many leading system platforms).

Sensor of environmental conditions

The sensor of environmental conditions makes it possible to monitor climatic conditions inside cabinets:

  • temperature,
  • humidity,
  • door opening,
  • possibility of smoke sensor connection,


All exceeded parameters are registered in the computer system and visualised on a local or remote computer through the Internet.
Connection of the sensor to the computer requires an SNMP card (see above).
The sensor connected to the SNMP card enables remote monitoring of the state of current parameters of the environment in the cabinet or in the room in which it is installed. Values of different parameters are available after connection via the Internet browser. In the same location, it is possible to preset permitted values of environmental parameters (temperature, humidity) and the status of the remaining sensors (smoke, fire, flooding, access) for the monitored room. If preset values are exceeded, an alarm is triggered.