Power Rack 20-480 kVA

Power Rack are high-performance server power supplies installed in the 19″ rack cabinets. Power Rack’s modular design allows replacing live parts and N+X redundancy. Power Rack is a low-cost solution, in both investment and operation. Among double-conversion modular power supplies
(true on-line), Power Rack is a state-of-the-art solution, setting a new benchmark for UPS tasked with protecting sensitive equipment.
Monitoring and control of the power supply is implemented via integrated large LCD panel, GSM/SMS module and standard user-friendly management/monitoring software. All components of the power supply mounted in a rack cabinet allow you to configure the UPS as a fully redundant system that makes expansion of UPS power possible. The basic components of the power supply are power modules, system controllers, bypass modules and distribution blocks.


  •  Supplying 20 -480 kVA power take-offs (in parallel circuits).
  •  Modules and systems redundancy.
  •  Replacement of live parts ensures continuous operation even during maintenance.
  •  Duplicated power and control systems provide higher reliability.
  •  Built-in bypass UPS switches – service and emergency one.


  •  Modular design allows for easy expansion and ensures easy maintenance.
  •  LCD display supporting several languages.
  •  Standard communication protocols (SNMP, RS232, Modbus), smart expansion slots, relay volt-free inputs/outputs.
  •  Allows for adding external battery cabinet to extend the power-up time.


  •  High input power factor (pf > 0.99) and low harmonic distortion (iTHD < 3%).
  •  Lower installation cost due to the compact size and modular design.
  •  Energy-efficient operation with maximum performance of 94% reduces operating costs.



UPS Power Rack 120 kVA


UPS Power Rack 120 kVA

Power system management software

  •  remote or local power supply management,
  •  real-time monitoring, recording and analysis,
  •  programming and planning of activities (e.g. battery test),
  •  creating reports,
  •  archiving of all events and actions of users in the database,
  •  supports RS232, RS485, SNMP, USB, depending on the type of software and solution,
  •  multilingual interface.

Centralized management applications:

  •  Data center solutions
  •  Telecommunication systems
  •  Industrial systems
  •  Computer networks
  •  Alarm and security systems
  •  Laboratories
  •  Medical equipment