Power Control Panel MPSM-S1

The most important factors to determine the correct operations of modern automation, electronics, industrial computers and other devices are a proper power supply and appropriate environmental conditions. These are necessary to ensure ongoing operation of priority in infrastructure equipment – server rooms, data communication, power engineering.
Thanks to the special technique used for creating the device software, all functions are executed in parallel. It means that being in a menu editing settings, the device is working in the background, performing its status tasks and immediately responding to changes which have just been done or received measurements. After a power loss, the device will remember the last saved configuration. The clock and calendar are working even during a prolonged power failure.
MPSM-S1 is a programmable 19″ panel for power supply, control, monitoring and recording. It provides voltage, power and current measurement for each socket, and also temperature and humidity measurement. The device is equipped with an unparalleled set of features that make it indispensable in data communication infrastructure. In addition the MPSM-S1 is equipped with a 4 GB internal memory used for storing measurement results, events, alarms which lasts for about
24 months of continuous recording.





  • SOFT-START – soft start of servers, cabinets, automation components, etc. Allows for defining individual power-up delays for individual panel sockets after power supply recovery or after activation of the SLAVE sockets. This allows to set a dedicated
    power-up scenario for the entire set of devices powered from the MPSM-S1 panel.
  • MASTER-SLAVE – energy conservation. Automatic shut-off of SLAVE sockets (devices) when the MASTER device (socket) is powered down. The level of energy consumption for the MASTER socket is constantly monitored by the power supply panel and when it exceeds the user-defined threshold, the SLAVE sockets are repowered up. Powering up and down has also user-defined time delay. Each socket in MPSM-S1 panel can work in MASTER, SLAVE or NONE mode (excluding MASTER-SLAVE functionality). With this solution, you can change the configuration of the set powered from the MPSM-S1 panel without having to physically plug the devices to dedicated sockets (continuity of operation).
  • PDU-THERMOSTAT – multi-stage control of fans, heaters and air conditioners Each panel socket can be activated by the temperature on
    the basis of being above or below the user-defined value. Individual socket can also be activated by a signal below or above different set temperatures.
  • PDU-HYGROSTAT – multi-stage control of humidifiers and air dryers. Each panel socket can be activated by humidity levels on the basis of being above or below the user-defined value.
    Individual socket can also be activated by a signal below or above set values.
  • Output control:
    – Allows for powering down any panel socket regardless its mode and time.
  • Indication of alarm states:
    – exceeded set value for current or underload of individual sockets,
    – exceeded set value for current or underload of the entire set of connected receivers,
    – grid voltage above or below the setpoints,
    – ambient temperature above or below the setpoints,
    – humidity above or below the setpoints,
  • Device settings:
    – hysteresis (ΔT) for thermostat
    – hysteresis (ΔH) for hygrostat
    – time delay for the MASTER-SLAVE function
    – load display mode power
  • On-line monitoring of:
    – current and power for individual slots
    – current and overall joined power