In cooperation with our partners, we deliver complete data processing and storage facilities (data centres, server rooms), including:

  • IT-Room booths,
  • guranteed power supply,
  • precise air-conditioning,
  • electronic security systems,
  • fire extinguishing systems.


IT-Room – safety and security for server rooms

The central element of such facilities is the so-called secure storage unit (IT-Room). The design and basic parameters of IT-Rooms are regulated by the Polish Standard PN-EN 1047-2 (a translation of the corresponding European standard). Key parameters ensuring the safety of data and equipment are:

  • elimination of electromagnetic emanation,
  • protection against electromagnetic and ionizing radiation,
  • fire resistance (maintaining the temperature inside the IT ROOM below 70°C during a fire outside the booth),
  • fire resistance (keeping the humidity level inside the IT ROOM below 85% during a fire outside the booth),
  • burglary protection/access control.

As a complete unit, the booth was certified according to the PN-EN 1047-2 standard specifying the stability of operating conditions for ICT equipment during a fire outside. Parameters offered by the booth are much better than those laid down in the standard: the booth maintains the temperature below 30 °C and humidity below 67 % during a fire with a duration of at least one hour.

Safe IT booths have the following basic elements and features:

structural elements (walls, ceiling, floor, security door, cable ducts, ventilation valves) certified for fire resistance rating of 120 minutes, IP 65 protection rating – dust-tight and protected against fire extinguishing water.