Fire extinguishing system


Panel FK-RACK FK-RACK is designed as a single monolithic 19’’ panel, 3 U in height, made up of:

  • central fire-extinguishing and fire detection unit
  • two optical smoke detectors
  • main manifold
  • one or two tanks containing 1 kg of fire-extinguishing gas
  • solenoid valve
  • pressure switch
  • fire supply 230 V AC / 24 V DC
  • two 12 V batteries
  • sounder
  • pressure gauge

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FK-RACK, a single-zone automatic fire alarm control panel, is designed for fire detection and control of the fireextinguishing process via the solenoid valve fitted in the main manifold connected to tanks containing FE-36 extinguishing gas.
The panel can be fitted in RACK-type server cabinets or automatic control cabinets with a maximum volume of 3 m3. The panel is equipped with two optical smoke sensors, each in a separate fire detection line, which analyse air transparency. Following detection of aerosols such as smoke, they activate an appropriate procedure.
An activation of one sensor triggers a sounder and a red LED (PREALARM) lights up in one of the detection lines. An activation of the other sensor causes the red alarm LED to light up (the PREALARM LED goes out) and the in-built clock starts counting down to the release of the FE-36 extinguishing agent. After 30 seconds, the solenoid valve in the main manifold is opened, releasing FE-36 gas.
Throughout the entire process, the user controls the operation of the panel by means of a range of LEDs and a pressure gauge indicating the pressure level in the manifold. Additionally, pressure is controlled by means of pressure switch placed on the manifold. Any pressure drop makes the orange LED light up.
All electrical circuits of the sensors, solenoid valve and pressure gauge are monitored for continuity. Any interruption of circuit continuity causes a corresponding LED to light up, signalling the fault of a specific element. In the event of failure of the basic power supply, the central control unit is provided with a battery (2 x 12 V).

A fire extinguishing system based on FM-200 gas is a decisive element ensuring appropriate fire safety of the premises being protected. Consequently, it should be operated and maintained according to applicable technical construction regulations, standards in place, principles of
technical knowledge and relevant documentation.


FM-200-based fire extinguishing system

Components of the fire extinguishing system:

  • 1. Smoke detector central unit
  • 2. FM-200 gas cylinders
  • 3. Extinguishing nozzles
  • 4. Fire detectors
  • 5. Smoke extraction system
  • 6. Mechanism for manual deactivation of fire extinguishing
  • 7. Mechanism for manual activation of fire extinguishing

FM200 is stored in cylinders with special quick opening gas valves. The available range of cylinders holding between 5 and 180 l makes it possible to adjust the required volume of gas in the smallest possible cylinder. Cylinders can be combined into sets connected with a gas manifold. Cylinders are fastened to the wall or another permanent structure with clamps.

Side effects of gas release
The following phenomena accompany the release of FM-200:
Blast – release of several dozen kilograms of gas within a period not exceeding 10 sec. Blast results in strong air currents capable of moving around free-standing office equipment.
Noise – gas release produces noise of relatively high intensity, though without damage to hearing.
Mist – gas release results in the formation of mist around the nozzles, which reduces visibility and disappears a moment after total gas release.

NOVEC 1230-based fire extinguishing system

NOVEC 1230 is stored as liquid and released during emergency as gas. It is a fast-acting extinguishing agent thanks to the combined effect of physical absorption of heat and chemical influence on flames.

Independent research has shown that Novec 1230 poses no risk to humans staying in the premises in which the agent is released at the fire extinguishing concentration. In addition, NOVEC 1230 ensures up to 100 % safety margin – much higher than any other pure extinguishing reference agent used in terms of reference.
NOVEC 1230 extinguishes fire very quickly, before damage is caused. This is possibile due to the fact that the extinguishing concentration is achieved within a maximum of 10 seconds. It is very efficient in extinguishing class A and B fires, as well as fires affecting live equipment.
NOVEC 1230 is released as a clear, non-conductive and non-corrosive gas. It leaves no remains, which eliminates the problem of removing deposits.