AKCP Pro Server – Central Monitoring Software

AKCP Pro Server is our world class central monitoring and mangement software. Suitable for a wide range of monitoring applications. Free to use for all AKCP devices. Monitor your infrastructure, whether it be a single building, or remote sites over a wide geographic area. Integrate third party devices with, Modbus, SNMP and ONVIF compatible IP cameras.

Datasheets & Media Pack


Monitor all your AKCP devices

All deployed AKCP base units and attached sensors can be configured and monitored from AKCP Pro Server (APS). Base units communicate with the server through your wired local network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN). Remote sites with no wired network send data to the server through the cellular data network* via a VPN connection.
* Requires base unit with cellular data 3G/4G modem



Cross Platform Access

AKCP Pro Server can be accessed on your smartphone, tablet or PC. Access is operating system independent, viewable through the HTML5 user interface on any web browser**.
** Chrome and Firefox recommended.

Integrated monitoring of all devices

AKCP Pro Server integrates all your environmental, security, power, access control and video in a single, easy to use software.

Environmental Monitoring

Monitor all your deployed temperature, humidity, airflow, water leak and other environmental sensors. Configure rack maps to show the thermal properties of your computer cabinet, check temperature at the top, middle, bottom, front and rear, as well as temeprature differentials.

Security Monitoring

Ensure that your facilities and critical infrastructure is secured. Door contact sensors, audible and visual alarms are configured and managed from your custom desktops in APS.

Power Monitoring

Monitor single phase, three phase, generators and UPS battery backup power. AKCP Pro Server performs live Power Usage efficiency (PUE) calculations so you have a complete overview of your power train and and how adjsutments in your data center directly impact your PUE.

Access Control

AKCP Pro Server is used to administer the access rights and schedules for all AKCP Door Control, Cabinet Control and RFID Swing Handle Cabinet locks. Secure your assets, control access and generate reports to give a complete audited trail of access.

Video Monitoring

Video feeds from ONVIF compatible IP cameras and cameras connected to AKCP securityProbe base units can be monitored and recorded in AKCP Pro Server. Sycnhronize sensor events with video in the playback window for an “eyes on” to any sensor events.

Custom Desktops, Graphing and Drill Down Mapping

AKCP Pro Server has a variety of ways to display and monitor the data from your deployed sensors. Desktops are customizable, with different users able to save their own configuration. Add graphs, maps, rack maps, video feeds, sensor status and logs to your desktops. Choose from a selection of gauges to display sensor data.

Access Administration, Monitoring and Reporting

Control who has access to your site, building, rooms and cabinets with a complete audited trail of access events. If you have deployed AKCP Door Control, Cabinet Control and RFID Swing Handle Locks, configure the access rights and restrictions through AKCP Pro Server.

  • Synchronize access events with recorded video
  • Live monitoring of the door status
  • Remotely lock and unlock doors
  • Fully audited trail of access events

Synchronization of sensor events with video

AKCP Pro Server is compatible with any ONVIF standard IP camera. Manage the recording of your video feeds to local or network disks, export video clips, and playback video.
Our advanced playback window functions will synchronize sensor events with video. Select a sensor event and then instantly review recorded footage from the event. Verify who accessed a door or cabinet for example, or monitor remote sites for fuel theft. No need tos it through hours of recorded video, when a sensor alerts to a situation on the ground, you can instantly see what is happening.

 AKCP Pro Server is a world class software for Data Center Infrastrcture Management (DCIM). Avoid the complexity and cost of many popular DCIM software. AKCP Pro Server distils the essence of what DCIM should be to a simple, easy to use application. Configure dashboards to display the data you need, with drill down mapping taking you from a data center wide to cabinet level view. A dedicated rack map shows Rack+ sensors such as thermal maps and RFID Swing Handle lock information in a graphical display.
Example of cabinet rack view with cabinet thermal map sensors in AKCP Pro Server