In-Line Power Meter

The power meter goes between the electrical source and the power strip, or individual appliance, monitoring the voltage (V), current (A) and Kilowat Hours (kWh) being consumed with billable grade accuracy. Remotely switch devices on and off with optional relay. Relays are Bi-Stable Latched relay, which retains it’s state regardless of whether it is receiving power or not.

In-Line Power Meter is essential for:

Checking how close you are to tripping your circuit breaker
Ensure sufficient power overhead before adding new equipment to a circuit
Billing individual clients in co-located services
Monitoring up to 16 In-Line Power Meters from a single sensorProbe+


Removing the controller from your power strip allows you to use a low cost basic power strip. This gives several advantages, in addition to the cost savings.

  • A single IP address to monitor multiple cabinets.
  • Hot swappable controller, no downtime to cabinets if servicing is needed
  • More space for outlets on your power strip as the controller is moved out of the 0U space
  • As future needs increase, just change the power strip no need for new controller and power meter.

Patent Pending Fire Suppression System

Install an AKCP smoke detector inside the cabinet, together with the in-line power meter and optional relay gives the ability to shutdown power to the cabinet when smoke is detected. By doing this, we are able to isolate the incident to a single cabinet, and avoid escalation of the event to a complete data center shutdown and deployment of gas suppression systems.

100 Year Event

The deployment of this technology in every cabinet can avoid the catastrophic “100 year event” scenario, which leads to a complete data center shutdown. By cutting the power to the cabinet in question, we kill the source of energy for the fire, and isolate the shutdown to the single cabinet only.


A data center fire can have serious consequences for operations, finances, and in the event of gas system release, pose a health hazard. The AKCP Fire Suppression System can avoid these consequences, saving you from lost revenues. A one time event could pay for the cost of the system itself.