ropeWater Sensor

 ropeWater Sensor - Detect water leaks over large area

 ropeWater Sensor

Detect water leaks over large area

Ideal for use in basements and under false floors and roof spaces, the ropeWater sensor can cover a large area.

  • Product Code: RWS10
  • MSRP Price:
  • Optional Lengths Available
  • Powered by the base unit

Ideal for detecting waterleaks in hard to see areas, such as under raised floors and false ceilings. The locateWater sensor will give you a precise location of the water leak so you can respond promptly to protect your enterprise resources from water damage.

This sensor comes fully assembled and includes the rope portion that is the water sensing cable, the non-sensing cable (from the rope to the sensing module) and the main sensing module. The sensing cable can be pre-ordered from a 10 foot minimum to any custom run length (in multiples of 10 feet) of up to 160 feet. The non-sensing cable comes in a standard 20 foot run length.

The specific location of water along the rope can be used to trigger alerts like e-mail, SMS, phone calls and SNMP traps. The sensor has its own SNMP OID so that it can be monitored over the network using any Network Management System.

Each locateWater sensor comes complete with a 5 foot sensor cable that connects the main sensing module to the securityProbes RJ-45 sensor ports, or you can use your own CAT5/6 LAN cable. This cable can be extened up to 100 feet or 30 meters.


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Measurement Range Wet or Dry (-20 degrees C- +60 degrees C)
Measurement Accuracy Able to detect the presence of water at a specific location
Sensor Type Patent pending, capacitance measurement technology
Power Consumption Typical 125 mWatt, 25 mA
Communications Cable RJ-45 jack to main sensor module using UTP CAT5 cable. Maximum extension cable length is 30 meters or 100 feet
Power Source Powered by the sensorProbe, or securityProbe. No additional power needed. Both units autodetects the presence of the ropeWater sensor
Note AKCP does not recommend the locateWater Sensor to be placed on a conductive surface