RFID Swing Handle Lock

An RFID proximity card swing handle cabinet lock will secure both front and rear doors of your cabinet. Designed with a universal fit, it can be attached to most industry standard cabinets.


Manage access privileges, schedules, generate reports and receive alerts through AKCess Pro Server management software. Access decisions are made locally at the swing handle.


Many cabinets have removable side panels. Protect and monitor these by adding an optional 4x security sensors and be alerted when side access panels are removed.


Use cameras integrated with AKCess Pro Server to monitor your cabinet and synch access events together with video to verify who accessed and when.

Dimension : 44 (W) x 46 (H) low profile design
Supports connection of: Modbus RTU, E-Sensor8, E-Opto16 and CCU Expansion modules through optional EXP port
Mounting 0U Toolless rack mount, optional wall mount brackets, horizontal 1U mounting or DIN rail brackets
Power : External 5V 2A Power Adapter
Input Voltage and Current ratings : 100V~240V – 0.22A
Optional internal power supply
Status Indication : LED indication for power, network connectivity
sensor online and threshold
Components : Manufactured using highly integrated, low power surface
mount technology. All units undergo a minimum 48 hour
burn in cycle to detect infact mortality
Environment :
Temperature : Min. -35° C – Max.70° C
Humidity: Min. 20% – Max. 80% (Non-Condensing)
MTBF : 1,400,000 Hours based on field experience with sensorProbe units.
Base Unit : 4x Sensor Ports for connecting AKCP sensors or swing handle cabinet locks
1x Expansion Out Port (Optionally used for Modbus)
1x 10/100 Ethernet Port
Max Sensors : Maximum of 150 onlined sensors, including Expansion Units and virtual sensors.
Reduced to 50 if VPN is enabled
SPX+ Modules : GSM or CDMA 3G cellular data modem with external antenna
4x Sensor Ports module for connecting AKCP sensors or swing handle cabinet locks
10x or 20x Dry Contacts module, available in 3 configurations :

  • Configurable I/O dry Contact (0VDC/5VDC)
  • Input only 5V Dry Contact, opto-coupled input
  • Isolated input Dry Contact, from 5V to 20V voltage input signal