AKCess Pro Server : Management Software

AKCess Pro Server takes the best from IP Video Monitoring Software and is the first to combine it with Environmental / Security Sensor and Access Control equipment in one centralized management software package.





  • Monitor and control all AKCP or SNMP devices from a single display.
  • Create drill-down maps of any sensor or camera connected to the system.
  • Manage devices from any location.
  • Create multiple user accounts to allow or deny access to specific range of devices.
  • Monitor 100’s of IP Cameras.

Unparalleled Integration of Security, Environmental, and Disaster Control resources.AKCess Pro Server puts you in control of a full complement of monitoring technologies. Manage cameras, environmental sensors, access control equipment and any other monitoring resources with the Server Client or using the state of the art iPhone Application.

AKCess Pro Server automatically recognizes cameras, probes, monitors, sensors, and access control hardware. It’s instantly compatible with thousands of third party cameras. Use the quick wizards to configure your preferences and parameters. Set your group policies for Administrators and Limited users and specify access control privileges for physical and logical resources via the Access Control section.



AKCess Pro Server - Control Dashboard



AKCess Pro Server Management Software

Scan your device IP addresses or see them at a glance on multi-layered overlays. Allocate multiple workspaces for monitoring and control, and use the graph and mapping features to illustrate your sensor environment locally or over a remote site installation.

ull integration with our Central Management Software ‘AKCess Pro Server’ enables you to control your whole installation and receive real time reporting and statistics. Define Groups, Users, Access Schedules and export Advanced Reports.




User Information

At the core of the AKCess Pro Server application the User Management area allows you to create new users via an intuitive Wizard. Add proximity card numbers, PIN Codes and even configure Thumbprints.

You may enable or disable validation periods to restrict access to a single user after a specific date. This is particular useful in maintenance situations or guest user scenarios.

Other personal information such as Profile Pictures, Departments and general contact information can also be saved.



Groups Information

The AKCess Pro Server Application gives you the flexibility to manage your entire Access Control system remotely. Set up User Groups that allow you to deny or restrict access to any door connected to your network.

An easy to use, Bulk Adding Wizard allows you to sort your users by Name and Department so you can find your personnel with ease.



Time Schedules

Preset schedules are included to get you up and running as quickly as possible.



Time & Attendance

AKCess Pro Server Management Software eliminates the tedious tasks involved with monitoring your employee’s activity. AKCess Pro Server’s integrated time & attendance, works alongside our monitoring devices, helping you monitor your labour costs and improve business productivity.

Notifications and Alert Options

AKCess Pro Server is unparalleled in its power to alert you to impending disaster events, environmental changes, and security breaches.

Deploy your own hierarchy of redundant alert notifications using SMS, Email, MMS, phone calls, fax, or use a relay switch to trigger corrective action.


AKCess Pro Server : Notifications Server


Notification Types

Mapping and Entry Notifications

Drag & Drop your doors, sensors, cameras and access control readers – all of your monitoring devices, onto any map of your choice. Monitor an overview, or drill down to a specific device location.

Maps showing cities, countries, buildings, and specific rooms are easily combined as a visual representation with a host of preset animations to use.


AKCess Pro Server : Mapping


Mapping and Entry Notifications

Access Control Notifications

There may be occasions when you need to restrict access or block employees from sensitive information or rooms. This is especially true when many engineers require access to servers or other business critical equipment and it is difficult to keep track of many personnel.

The AKCP Server Pro makes it easy to create an ‘Action’ should access be attempted by a blocked user, to deliver you an ‘Email Notification’ or receive notifications via Skype.

In this example the access attempt by the blocked user will generate an email exactly as set up in your parameters with details of the location, time, date plus a picture image of the event in question.


Email Notification


Access Email Notifications

This is especially useful in maintenance situations or for guest user scenarios.  Anticipate events in case of forced entry due to malicious activity.  Companies can have a plan already in place that sounds alarms, and sends notifications to specified people through the variety of different channels offered by the AKCess Pro Server.