Data Centre – cold aisle containment

Due to the still increasing both density of computing power in data centres and heat generated at the same time there is a need for effective cooling methods.

ZPAS has designed a data cabinet system with sliding doors and roof which allows to build data centres in the cold aisle technology. A physical separation of hot and cold airflows is ensured and thus affecting the efficiency of IT equipment cooling.

Cooling methods:

In order to ensure an adequate airflow through the cabinets a perforated front and rear door with perforation of 80% clearance must be provided as well as additional elements for prevention of the dispersion of air in the server cabinet such as blanking plates, vertical and horizontal masking panel.

Sliding door system for Data Center aisle

A physical access to the Data Centre system is possible by using double sliding doors. Assembled from both sides of the Data Centre aisle, the sliding doors ensure both safety and physical separation of hot and cold airflow.
The sliding doors are available in three versions: manually opened, with self-closing system, and automatic doors. The doors are equipped with glass panels allowing for a control of events inside the Data Centre. The doors are made of aluminum profiles and tempered glass.

Data Center Roof

This unit has a modular construction. The roof modules are available in two widths, matched to the width of the cabinets. The isle roof is raised to a height of 150mm, which allows for the installation of additional equipment inside the aisle: sensors, cameras, etc. The roof structure is made of sheet metal and transparent components of polycarbonate. The main transparent component of the module is tilted.
Material – sheet steel coated with powder paint, tempered glass.
Scope of delivery: roof module with fixing elements